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Audit assignment

Internal audit, audit of supplier

In compliance with the requirements of the management standards (ISO 9001, ISO 13485, ISO 14001), the outsourcing of the internal audits and the audits of supplier allows Quality manager

Audit assignment

• to respect their audit program,

• to get ways of improvement of their management system,

• to confirm their confidence in a supplier,

• to guarantee a total independence during the audit.

CILLEO, consulting office, proposes you a customized offer to realize :

• internal quality audit of all or part of your management system,

• audit of your suppliers,

• audit of your technical report for CE marking, before checking by the notified body.

Our fields of competence cover the management systems for ISO 9001, ISO 13485 and CE marking directives, as for medical device ones.

ISO 19011 recommendations

From the establishment of your audit program to the after-audit activities, our methodology is in accordance with the ISO 19011 recommendations.

After study of your needs, we'll propose you a planning to realize the audit according to the ISO 19011 recommendations.

Our audit report, complete and precise, allows you to launch, if necessary, corrective actions and shows you the improvement possibilities. We assure the actions follow-up as the after-audit activities.

We assure you of our professionalism, business ethics and absolute confidentiality.

In order to respect the principle of independence, we intervene only for companies which we didn't helped in their management system approach.

Contact us to define together necessary audits to accomplish your quality policy and to reach your quality objectives.

Expertise fields

● ISO 9001,

● ISO 13485,

● CE marking directives,

● ...

September 19, 2019